We are fractional share experts

The founder of Bird Dog Jet has worked for the top two fractional companies:
NetJets and Flight Options. We understand fractional programs, how they
work, when they work and when they do not.


  • Fractional share contracts are difficult to understand and can cost you money unnecessarily
  • Contracts can be negotiated
  • Under certain scenarios a share is appropriate, almost always with caveats
  • We can help

Let us help you discern whether a share is appropriate and if the fractional share structure is the correct flight solution for your company or family.

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  • Negotiate
  • Supplement
  • Replace

fractional comparison

Purchase Cost
Monthly Management
Occupied Hourly
Effective Hourly
Set your Fractional Share from the dropdown on the left.

Then, select from the dropdown on the right the corresponding cabin class to compare a Bird Dog Jet program to replace or supplement your Fractional Share.

Fractional Assumptions
  • 1/16th Share
  • Put share back after 5 years
  • 75% Residual Value after putting back the share
  • 7% Cost of Capital